Patrick Hudson climbs Weismann Peak for ZST

Ruwenzori summit

Patrick Hudson (above right) successfully reached the summit of Weismann Peak in the Ruwenzori Mountains in Western Uganda on 4th September 2019 after a 6 day expedition and one of the charities he climbed for was the ZST.  At the time of writing he has raised over £2200, an awe inspiring amount.  Weismann Peak is 4620 metres and one of the highest mountains in the Ruwenzoris and indeed Africa. Fewer than 200 people a year reach the summit and although he has climbed other mountains in Africa such as Kilimanjaro there is no doubt in his mind that this is significantly more difficult due to its remoteness, the terrain and the amount of rain and snow that falls.  “It is an exhausting climb with valleys and ridges and bogs full of thick black mud followed by very steep rock inclines however the scenery is indescribably beautiful with many vegetational zones from rain forest through bamboo zones, heather forests, swamps, alpine zones and finally bleak tundra near the summit. There is also an array of wildlife, trees, birds and butterflies unique to the area” Patrick said.

In the 6 days we were on the trek, he only saw 5 other trekkers and the Ruwenzoris (mountains of the moon) remain hardly known about and consequently very unspoilt.

His father John Hudson attempted the climb in 1954 when he was 24 years old and the Ruwenzoris would have been even more remote and unknown, he did not quite get to the top turning back at 4100 metres due to altitude sickness and his porters’ kit not being up to the extreme conditions. It was his father’s description of the unique experience and scenery that drove Patrick to make the expedition and he’s pleased to have completed his journey and carried the Hudson “flag” to the summit some 40 years later. The kit and support is considerably better now than it would have been in the 1950’s but this is still a gruelling climb not to be taken lightly!

We are hugely indebted to Patrick for this fundraising effort. He’d like to thank all donors, and should anyone want to add to the total already raised please go to

Your donation would be very gratefully received not only by Patrick but also by the Zambia Society Trust.

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